A partner project of the BUYTEX exchange designed to promote the BUX Token.

It offers a unique alternative to the classic ICO and Private Sale programs.

What is unique about it?

We enable absolutely anyone who promotes the exchange to tap into its revenue stream!


It is no secret that promoting a crypto project is not a cheap task at all, leading some to spend up to 50% of the ICO/Private Sale proceeds to middlemen (various ad platforms, etc.)

We have decided to go the other route: we want to share the profits, and we have created a multi-level partner program where every participant is motivated to help BUYTEX succeed.

The more successful the exchange is - the higher the profits
The higher the profits - the higher the BUX Token price
The higher the price - the more our partners earn

Because those who promote the exchange earn tokens!


We have created a unique ecosystem

Built around the BUX Token, and we were the first to apply this model in promoting a crypto exchange.

Simplicity, unique token bonuses and 6 earning plans enable anyone from anywhere in the world to join BUYTEX and earn money.

This allows us to build an international community around BUYTEX, making the exchange even more popular and successful.

Become a partner