In October, in Bangkok the first international BUYTEX forum will take place. You will have the opportunity to personally meet the entire management team, gain insider knowledge and exclusive gifts, as well as find out what’s ahead for the company! blog

The forum will run for 3 days and take place in one of the best hotels in Bangkok!
The exact date and more details will be announced in August.
To participate in the event one must achieve the following ranks over the summer months:
🔸 Manager: 1 ticket for 2 days;
🔸 International Manager: 2 tickets for 2 days;
🔸 Director: 2 tickets for 2 days and an invitation to a third extra day that Directors will spend with the management on a yacht!
Every ticket grants the privilege to participate in the event as well as free hotel accommodation and meals!
The forum is designed for 500 persons! Everyone who has already achieved the required rank is automatically granted the ticket to the event!
Hot summer with BUYTEX has arrived, we wish everyone tremendous results, and see you at the forum!